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Polytechnicast - Emotional Effort of Design



The emotional work of discovering, including, representing, and collaborating in design is what I explore in this think aloud journal. This recording didn't start as a Polytechnicast or even an exploration about UX Mindset but that's where I found myself going. Since the beginning of 2021 I've been blogging every day on my Interactive Storyteller blog. I hope you'll join me there too as I talk about illustrating, making games, and UX design. It's very much the prose form of the Polytechnicast. Related Links and Resources Interactive Storyteller blog Introduction to the UX Mindset Series Polytechnicast - UX Mindset - Creative Roadblocks Then a Book Outline #artsoundoff — Blog of an Interactive Storyteller Rob's Products and Ways to Support the Polytechnicast Get Guitar Fretter, an action puzzle that makes a game of memorizing th