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Sarah Atereth - Passion



Sarah Atereth is a #1 hit global recording artist, founder of Beguile Records, inspirational speaker, motivator, coach and consultant.  How did an unknowing kid make her way from her first dance class in a strip mall in Colorado, to becoming a #1 hit recording artist with 5 consecutive hits worldwide in an industry with a 99.9% failure rate?  Armed with only the joy and life’s purpose she found in dance and music, Sarah set out to New York City on her determined path to figure out how to become her passion.  Slammed with struggles and rejection along the way, Sarah continued to pursue her artistic vision and tear through barriers to get her music out to the world. Sarah has been the cover of Radio & Records Magazine, The Future Face of 2012 in Music Week (1 of only 4 artists in the world), a charting recording artist in Billboard Magazine and DJ Times, with 2 #1 UK hits and 4 U.S. Billboard hits. Sarah's music is played on countless radio stations, in clubs and stadiums around the world by the top DJs.  S