Kendra After Dark

CBD Nail Polish and attitudes with Lia.



Today I sit down and chat via zoom with Lia, the owner and creator of Canna Paint. Lia recently launched her CBD Nail Polish line, and we talk about her company and the benefits of CBD with her products. We also dive into the pandemic and growth of companies using different social media platforms. Both being mothers of daughters we talk about about all of the attitude the last year has introduced to us. You really want to check out this company and the great products Lia has to offer. Time to sit back relax and enjoy this weeks episode of Kendra After Dark.  Kendra After Dark is looking to discuss the topics you want to hear!! Please send us an email at with any questions or suggestions to be discussed via an upcoming episode. As always don't forget to check out Gaia Provides and Glaux Chem both Tucson born brands that we love!  I hope you are all staying safe and happy. Peace, Love, and lots of Weed!!