Kendra After Dark

GanjaGlam and Recreational Sales.



Today I sit down with Maria and Quentin, two fellow blunt smokers who dabble in the cannabis industry. We touch base on Maria's experience budtending at the first dispensary in Tucson to start selling recreational bud. Long lines and new taxes Maria gives a but of an insight on what the experience has been like. Maria's company GanjaGlam is her baby and we get into what services she has to offer.  Time to sit back relax and enjoy this weeks episode of Kendra After Dark.  Kendra After Dark is looking to discuss the topics you want to hear!! Please send us an email at with any questions or suggestions to be discussed via an upcoming episode.  Kendra After Dark is sponsored by Gaia Provides LLC. Gaia (pronounced Guy-ya), in Greek mythology, is the personification of Mother Earth – interconnected, nurturing, healing & providing. Gaia Provides is a holistic, Arizona small batch company, creating handcrafted health and wellness products combined with the benefits of Hemp derived