Conrad Rocks

Socialism VS Christianity



Is there something possibly biblical about socialism? We will be exploring that today. The Shemitah and Harbinger Failed us; 98% of people who support socialism don't have a biblical world view?; I used to engage with people about politics and point them to JESUS; The Government monopoly on force; George Washington - Government IS force; The COMMUNE in Acts 2:42-46; Why Socialists disdain Christianity; What does the BIBLE SAY?; Luk 3:11 Impart stuff to those that need it; Jas 2:14-17 Don't be a hypocrite - give away your stuff to people that need it; Luk 3:14 Don't do violence to people; Luk 18:22 Sell everything and give to the poor; Mat 5:42 give to people; Eph 4:28 Get a job so you can give to people that need stuff; Mat 5:40-42 Giving people stuff even if they sue you; 1Jn 3:17 Having the love of God in you means to give away stuff; LINKS Seven Habits BOOK Ocean Springs Speaks - State of the Church https://www.ins