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228 US-2 Lynda Sylvain



Global Mission Fellow US-2 Lynda Sylvain joins us to reflect on her experience so far as a young adult missionary serving in Detroit, MI. More on the US-2 program at ALSO, as we pray for the victims of the recent school shooting in Florida, we also want to help youth workers prepare for the tough conversations with their youth about these incidences. So, please check out "Responding to a School Shooting: Three Approaches for Youth Workers" over at our Youth Worker Collective ( for )Please FIND, SUBSCRIBE, & RATE "REVERB: The United Methodist Young People's Podcast" on iTunes or Google Play to help us raise awareness of these important ministries. Thanks!REVERB is a project of Young People's Ministries, a unit of Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church. More at http://umcyoungpeople.orgMusic ByAa