Rebecca Anne

Adventures in Manifesting with author Jeff Thibodeau



Today we will talk to Jeff Thibodeau, sure to be an awesome show. We will talk about his chapter in Health and Happiness and its entitled Fear, Faith and Courage.He is also the author of a per­sonal growth guide­book enti­tled Be Your Best! A Roadmap to Liv­ing a Healthy, Bal­anced and Fulfilling Life. In 1999, Jeff founded Helios Nat­ural Ther­a­peu­tics, A Cen­ter for Per­sonal and Plan­e­tary Health, which pro­vides ser­vices includ­ing life coach­ing, cra­nial sacral ther­apy, ther­a­peu­tic mas­sage, polar­ity ther­apy and nat­ural reme­dies in the treatment of acute and chronic con­di­tions.  Presenting to you the authors of Adventures in Manifesting. Adventures in Manifesting, Success and Spirituality is a new 'must have' one of a kind book!  also in the series is Health and Happiness.