Seaglass Cottage

Opening Day!!!



It's Memorial Day weekend, SEAGLASS COTTAGE is full--and the Back Deck is officially OPEN! Please sign our guestbook below (it says "Comments") and enjoy the fresh-squeezed orange juice and homemade blueberry muffins!Special Events ~ Collecting seashells with Michelle Hanson, author of Ocean Oracle (Massachusetts) ~ Mermaid tales with Margot Datz, painter and author of A Survival Guide For Landlocked Mermaids (Martha's Vineyard) ~ Seaglass discussion with Richard LaMotte, author of Pure Sea Glass (Maryland) ~ Marine photography with Patricia Cahill Taft, marine photographer and former island caretaker/lighthouse keeper (Rhode Island) ~ Beach music by Rich and Jim and The TritonsSouvenir Recipe Mermaid Rolls ~ Mix chunks of cooked lobster, shrimp and scallops with mayonnaise and dill. Butter and toast hot dog buns on both sides. Stuff seafood mixture into bun. Sprinkle with lemon and serve on something shiny! (Mermaids like pretty things.) Our PolicyYour comfort is our business. Should you have any probl