Bluetiful Leaders Podcast

If You Build It, Those With Special Needs Will Come - A Couple's "Bluetiful" Story Behind the Tom's River Field of Dreams



Join host, Allison Elkow Lazicky as she talks with the inspiring Christian Kane about a tragic car accident that left his young son, Gavin with a Traumatic Brain Injury. Christian talks about the accident, Gavin's progress and how his incredible wife, Mary leads Gavin's care schedule each day. Christian also shares how Gavin's positivity has inspired he and Mary to spearhead a project, the "Toms River Field of Dreams" which will turn 3 acres of land at By Lea Park into a complex for people with special needs. The park will allow them access to rehabilitative stations, a temperature-controlled pavilion, complimentary snack shack, courts for basketball, bocce and shuffleboard, a state of the art all-inclusive playground, a quiet corner, baseball field and rehabilitative fitness station. Prepare to be inspired by this incredible couple's story.