Bluetiful Leaders Podcast

Susan Anderson Salutes the Kindness Leaders in the Life of Her Special Needs Daughter, Kara



Join us as host Allison Elkow Lazicky talks with Susan Anderson about her special needs daughter Kara. Susan talks openly about the challenges they have faced with Kara's care journey and the Kindness Leaders that have supported them both at Woods Services in Bucks County, PA where Kara resides and those in their hometown of Hillsborough, NJ. As you listen, you will be inspired by Susan who is truly an advocate, a warrior, a fighter and a hero when it comes to her special needs daughter. Allison and Susan discuss congregate care, advocacy and the positive changes with the new CEO at Woods Services, Tine Hansen-Turton. They also discuss the creation of Kara's Quilts, an initiative started by some of the friends and supporters in their neighborhood. Whether or not you live in the world of people with special needs, you will want to listen to this moving and motivational podcast.