Karuna Publications Podcast

Conversations about the Water and Wood Shastras



Sharon Salzberg sits down with translator Wilson Hurley to discuss and explore the the long overdue translation of the highly regarded, immensely readable poetry by the precious master Gungtang Rinpoche, The Water and Wood Shastras (ISBN 9781937114053, paperback, 296 pages, 6" x 9", photos throughout; $19.99). The author, Gungtang Rinpoche, the Venerable Konchok Tenpai Dronme (1762-1823), was highly esteemed in Tibet as a great scholar and Buddhist practitioner.  He revitalized Buddhism in Tibet and inspired many generations that followed. Rinpoche’s works are cherished by Tibetans and translations have been published around the world. Scholars Yeshe Khedrup and Wilson Hurley translated this edition. These poems embody the central passion of ancient Tibetan culture--the pursuit of knowledge and compassion to actualize the highest potential of the human spirit.  They are part of the Subhasita genre of literature, which flourished in ancient India and was eventually taken up in Tibet. Shastras (Tibetan: bstan b