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Political Theater - OTA Podcast Episode 358



This week on the podcast, we start with fallout from last week's episode, and Cory talks about a new movie he worked on being released (Never and Again on BET+) and finishing the draft on his screenplay. After that, we break down the second Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump and how it is the height of political theater. We talk about both sides of the case, Trump's inevitable acquittal, the start of a 9/11 style commission, and the legal challenges that lie ahead. We close by breaking down this wild winter, the latest in Covid, and Cory gives Mike Elias a slow clap for the latest Orioles signing.   Topics and Timecode     0:00:00 Intro   0:01:10 Episode fallout and Never and Again is out  00:13:22 Trump's second impeachment trial, end of GOP  00:49:46 Covid update  01:08:07 Sportsball   OTA Podcast Episode 358: Political Theater  otheanthem.com/358.html     Find more O The Anthem     OTheAnthem.com   facebook.com/OTheAnt