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Ep. 2: It’s Time to Talk About Snapchat



Episode 2: It’s Time to Talk About Snapchat Plus, Tool Time and Something on the Internet Guaranteed to make you laugh! The Mindset Digital Podcast brings you insight and tips from the intersection of Social Media, Learning and technology. Here’s what we cover in episode 2: • Mindset Digital Creative Director Pete Brown co-opts the entire podcast to solve one of his personal parenting dilemmas, namely whether or not to let his daughter use Snapchat. • The Mindset team is only too happy to discuss. Social guru Matt Weiner breaks down what snapchat is actually being used for, and its implications for both parents and business professionals. Mindset Digital founder Betsy Hubbard even drops in to share her wisdom on raising teenagers with evolving social platforms. • The office millennials reveal the hidden meaning behind specific emoji so Pete will stop committing emoji faux pas. • Mike the Tool Man Taylor recommends Buffer to schedule your content sharing through the week, plus something on the Internet guara