Mindset Digital

Ep. 3: Livestreaming Showdown!



It’s been just about a year since livestreaming from your phone went mainstream with the launch of apps like Meerkat and Periscope in the spring of 2015. In this episode, we check back in with livestreaming and see what’s developed in the past year. Plus, we go live on four livestreaming services at once (Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Livestream and YouTube) in the first ever Mindset Digital MEGASTREAM as Creative Director Pete Brown tries to make the office millennials laugh with a TV clip from 1963. Show Notes: Meerkat Meerkat turning live video into a big deal Twitter cuts off Meerkat Twitter cuts Meerkat off from its social graph How Meerkat's fighting against Periscope: Apps Cut Off by Twitter, Meerkat Turns to Facebook For Views Memo from Meerkat CEO Ben Rubin Meerkat ditches livestreaming Meerkat loses the livestreaming war Periscope Periscope demographics at one year Periscope users watch 110 years of live video every day One number missing from Periscope report: users Facebook Live Every iPhone u