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Ep25: Dr. Debra Jasper on staying relevant in the digital age, plus DOYO Live preview



You only have 8 seconds to tell your audience what they need to know. The digital age has changed the way we effectively communicate with each other in order to stay relevant in this new online world. Dr. Debra Jasper, founder and CEO of Mindset Digital, shares her advice on what it takes to stay competitive in the digital age, plus she previews her upcoming keynote at next month’s DOYO Live digital marketing and interactive design conference in Youngstown, Oh, Aug 2-3. Notes: Learn more about DOYO Live, a digital marketing and interactive conference in Youngstown, Ohio that Dr. Debra Jasper will be the keynote speaker. - http://www.doyolive.com Learn more about the communication technique of being short, organized and skimmable (SOS). - https://mindsetdigital.com/justyellduck/ Learn more about making your PowerPoint slides digestible and more visual. - http://bit.ly/2uNlPe4 Learn more about the work Mindset Digital does in transitioning companies into the digital world. - https://mindsetdigital.co