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37: We Work IPO and Domino's Appeal to the Supreme Court, plus a mind-blowing life hack



Communications Specialist Matt Weiner joins Pete to talk about WeWork's forthcoming IPO, Domino's appeal to the Supreme Court and the accessibility issues it raises, and one lifehack that will blow. your. mind. Links: WeWork’s $47 billion private valuation could imperil its IPO - bit.ly/WWIPO WeWork IPO filing shows it’s losing nearly $5,200 per customer - bit.ly/WWIPO2 Domino’s asks the Supreme Court to shut down a lawsuit requiring its website be accessible to blind people -bit.ly/DPSCADA I STAKED OUT MY LOCAL DOMINO’S TO SEE JUST HOW ACCURATE ITS PIZZA TRACKER IS bit.ly/DPTStakeout None Pizza with Left Beef - bit.ly/DPNPLB Follow us! Pete Brown @petebrownsays Mindset Digital @mindsetdigital Email us: podcast@mindsetdigital.com Some music is courtesy of the website Audionautix.com, and some sound effects are courtesy of freesound.org. Both licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.