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Ep 48: QuiBi and a new all-electric SUV! Plus new additions to the Public Domain!



We get up to speed on new streaming service QuiBi (the ones from the Super Bowl ad)...plus is this the year electric vehicles breakthrough...And we welcome new works to the public domain! Links from this episode: QuiBi: https://quibi.com/ Gizmodo: Quibi Drops New Trailers for Its Weird, Bite-Sized Streaming Service Shows: https://gizmodo.com/quibi-drops-new-trailers-for-its-weird-bite-sized-stre-1841431786 Fisker Ocean: https://www.fiskerinc.com/ The Verge: Fisker debuts $37,500 electric SUV with a solar roof https://www.theverge.com/2020/1/5/21050802/fisker-ocean-electric-suv-solar-roof-range-price-ces-2020 Follow us! Pete Brown @petebrownsays Mindset Digital @mindsetdigital Email us: podcast@mindsetdigital.com Music: Safety Net – Riot youtu.be/faEtFGEqEAo Some music is courtesy of the website Audionautix.com, and some sound effects are courtesy of freesound.org. Both licensed under Creative Commons 3.0. “Make Me Laugh” Interstitial by Kevin Davison.