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Faith and Health: Spirituality & Fitness w/ Mary Ricciardi



Ever wondered if it was possible to mix your faith and your fitness? Tune in to learn how to incorporate your Spiritual beliefs into your health and wellness goals.   Our guest, Mary Riccardi, will provide helpful tips about weightloss, Fitness, Faith, and how to combine all three into a lifestyle that is empwering and works for you.  Mary believes in transforming the total person... body, soul and spirit.  She is passionate and dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals by truly honoring their bodies as God’s temple through health, nutrition, and fitness.    Mary's primary focus for her clients is to help them to build lean STRONG muscles that will inspire them to ACHIEVE more physically than they could ever imagine! As well as educating them about nutrition and the importance of an eating plan that they will be able to continue forever making it a lifestyle change.  ?