Enjoy Your Life

Episode 49: Things My Grandma Taught Me Ft. Rochelle Wynn - Anderson



I did something totally out of this world...something I never expected to do but here we are. I was sitting in the living room of my parent's home with my dad's mom, Lady Rochelle Wynn-Anderson and she was talking to me about her life. She was sharing things about her past, things that God has blessed her with, an exciting new workshop that she's going to teach, some insightful history about my family and so many other things. I sat and listened to her for a little under two hours when it dawned on me that this woman needed to be interviewed! After listening to her talk for a while I moved a little closer to her on the couch and said, "Grandma, I am going to interview you and record it for my podcast." She looked at me with such surprise and a bit of confusion, I laughed. I pulled up an old episode on my phone and showed her a clip so she could see how it'd go. After thinking it over for a moment she agreed and I pressed record. I must say that I am so incredibly excited for you to hear what she had to say