Destruction of the Black Community part 2



Is it because the Blackman built the world’s first civilizations? Is it because the Blackman is the only man to equal or surpass White men in every field of human achievement?  Is it the Whiteman’s sexual inferiority complex they feel regarding the Black Man?Understand why the Whiteman fears the Blackman and you will understand the root cause of White racism. This book looks at the historic conflict between Black men and White men in a geo-political Machiavellian style.  The sharpness of Truth will shock, upset and educate but the Truth is spoken no matter whose feelings get hurt. What is the Truth?  The Truth is the Blackman built and ruled the civilizations in Egypt and Mesopotamia when the Whiteman was a nomadic barbarian living in caves and holes in the ground.A Truth the Black world must acknowledge is the Africentric worldview of” Islamist-Arabs as an enemy of African people and our culture. The Sudan is the new South Africa Arab-Islamic oppressors have killed hundreds of thousands of black people raped