Pat & Stu

7/31/17 - Wasserman or Charlize Theron?, Bannon Next To Leave White House?, Five Times Climate Alarmist Gone Predictions Wrong



-Stu reviews the film Atomic Blonde, and let’s just say that it isn’t what we thought it would be. -Debbie Wasserman Schultz has corruption going on under her power. -Trump on Bannon -5 times climate alarmists made wrong predictions -The View does cringeworthy Trump skit -Today on SPOONS we have coffee cake Twinkies -On Ask Glenn we talk about the book Friction with the author himself Listen to Pat & Stu for FREE on TheBlaze Radio Network from 5p-7p ET, Mon. through Fri. @PatandStu: @PatandStuFacebook: PatandStu Learn more about your ad choices. Visit