Pat & Stu

8/2/17 - The Hamburglar's Return, A Revamped Hotel of Doom, Gore Tops Himself (Again)



-Why is the Hamburglar not in prison for life?  And what on earth is Grimace? -A crackdown on legal immigration could be on the horizon for the Trump Administration.  You read that right. -Could the opioid epidemic be abating?  If so, that's bad news for Jeffy. -Al Gore continues to trip over the points he made in his new film "An Inconvenient Sequel".  He failed so miserably in a recent interview that a Maryland man actually got the truth out of him. -Glenn Beck joins the program and describes how the crisis in Venezuela isn't "The Death of Democracy" that the mainstream media would have you believe. Listen to Pat & Stu for FREE on TheBlaze Radio Network from 5p-7p ET, Mon. through Fri. Twitter: @PatandStu Facebook: PatandStu Learn more about your ad choices. Visit