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Data and Humans Become Friends in 2017?



Month by month data has edged deeper into our lives, whether we are making business decisions or going through our day as a consumer and citizen. No longer confined to a backroom waiting to be tossed over the wall to a business manager, as it was just a few years ago, data is in our face today.The data-human relationship has been strengthening. We all know people who won't enter a restaurant without checking its online ratings. Data rules our decisions about diet and exercise. Many executives don't make tough decisionsn without asking what the numbers say. Business leaders, marketers, and operations personnel are fed data throughout their workday. Retailers know more about some of us than our friends do. And, it may seem that fewer managers put up a barrier that says "no data, ever."All Analytics Radio will be exploring the data-human relationship on Tuesday, November 22, at 2 pm, as bloggers Lisa Morgan and Pierre DeBois discuss the growing impact of data on our lives, and look forward to what 2017 will brin