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Why the IoT Matters to Your Business



Set aside your opinions about some of the frivolous and risky applications that you think of when you hear the term Internet of Things. The fact is that the IoT is real. It's a concept that businesses in many different sectors will continue to adopt, and it's time for your organization to consider whether to implement IoT. Companies are launching IoT initiatives in where technology promises to address real business problems. Some of those companies have found success with IoT in a relatively short period of time.IoT holds promise in operational efficiency, identifying new business opportunities, and improved customer intelligence and support. It also is a technology concept that both serves and connects the enterprise and consumer markets.Join All Analytics Radio as we take a look at IoT adoption and evaluate where organizations are finding success with IoT technologies, and perhaps where benefits are elusive. Dima Tokar is an analyst with MachNation, which focuses on IoT and related technologies. He will be