Denis Barnes And The Council Of Twelve...

Voices from Heaven with Denis Barnes (spiritual medium)



Voices from Heaven - Returns to BlogtalkradioFrom an early age I was gifted with the natural ability to speak, communicate and bring forth messages from loved ones on the other side.Voices from Heaven is a show dedicated to those who have lost loved ones and desire to know if they are fine, and how they are doing on the other side of the veil and to partake in their heavenly wisdom and once more feel their loving heart and presence by your side.  It is my honnor to be the bridge of the heavenly realms as we bring forth your loved one’s voices, personality, and humour, and not forgetting the greatest of all their love for you...Join me fortnightly as we share love, laughter, wisdom, knowledge and healing from the spiritual side of life.Please join us at 9.00 PM-GMT and 4.00 PM-EST & 1.00 PM- PST.. Please note, you have to call into the switchboard to receive a connection to a loved one.. phone lines open 10 minutes the start of the show, please follow the instructions by pressing number ONE if you care to