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HANS EARLY-NELSON | Coaching call with an artisan blacksmith from Minneapolis, Minnesota #048



Hans Early-Nelson inquired with coaching needs. He’s an artisan metalsmith from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who specializes in custom metal fabricating, blacksmithing and jewelry.    In the email Hans sent me, he posed some initial questions around business struggles he was having. I replied with my initial thoughts and then offered to do a pro-bono coaching call to see if we could explore his challenges a little more deeply. I think his experience equals a number of entrepreneurs I’ve talked to and wanted to capture his words so you could see you’re not alone if you have the same challenged. Hans allowed me to record it for the show – the call has been slightly edited for time, but not for content. On this show we discuss trying to find creativity, being inspired, and how to leverage what you have in order to grow and and move your company forward. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: The difficulties of staying focused on your products Being routinely inspired Staying enthus