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How to live in the present and unlock your amazing future #049



Living in the present is an easy concept to understand, but not always an easy one to walk out. For many, the past keeps us in a state of longing or regret. We either want to get back to the “good ol’ days” or feel crippled by the pain of some negative experience. For others, the future is a perpetual pursuit for “this”, the thing that once you achieved, isn’t as good as the “next” thing. We endlessly chase after the role, relationship, position, income, accolade, or pinnacle that will bring happiness. Life is often a distraction of comparison, and the pressures of “perfection’. On this show I’m flying solo to share with you some life-giving encouragement, connecting you to your inner core of power, and cultivate a sense of life satisfaction. You’ll need these: https://angusnelson.com/coaching (Info on my Coaching products) Coaching and Mastermind assessment:  https://www.EmpoweringMastermind.com (www.EmpoweringMastermind.com) &