It’s the Fiftieth episode and I wanted to do something a little different. For many of you that don’t know me, I wanted to have someone else ask me the tough questions, to get me to share a deeper side on myself. So I got in the hotseat. As such, I asked my friend Peter Awad, host of the Slow Hustle podcast to come and ask me the tougher questions. You may remember him from episode #033. His line of questioning takes you into my past, my background, and story. If you’re new to the show, you’ll gain insights into how I got to where I am and how unusual this crazy journey has been for me and my family. On this show we discuss talking about yourself, building a personal brand, and putting yourself “out there”. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: Defending the underdogs Countering the feelings of being isolated Why you’re alone in your struggle There’s more to your story Angus’ back story in the hotseat Learning that you’re loved because of who