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KEVIN ROBERTS | How fast can you fail, learn & fix #052



Kevin Roberts is, personally, experiencing a fail of his own creation. Recently, he did an interview for Business Insider and, unfortunately, was quoted saying some very irresponsible comments regarding gender equality in the advertising industry. This fail has cost him his roles as Chairman Saatchi & Saatchi, and Head Coach Publicis Groupe. This interview was recorded before his career went sideways and I wrestled with publishing this show. In fact, I did reach out to his team to offer an opportunity for Kevin to share his side of the story.  Unfortunately, they did not reply. Regardless, I believe the content shared in this conversation is still packed with valuable content. I ask that you provide a level of grace to this man for a mistake he’s made and trust that this was a lesson for him to learn and grow… we all deserve that. On this show, we discuss Kevin’s new book, 64 Shots, the rapid changes in today’s world, and approaching it differently and positively. In This Epis