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MATT MILLER – Why you should run your own business #056



Matt Miller started a business and became an entrepreneur out of necessity. His finances weren’t matching his family’s needs and the economy wasn’t pushing business forward. In over the span of a week, four children knocked on his door selling things to raise money for their schools… Matt got an idea. His business Today, Matt and his team provide passive fundraising for over 2000 schools in over 23 states. Selling spirit stickers through vending machines, his company is supporting school needs while providing a living for his family. On this show, we discuss the challenges of building a business, getting a coach, and challenging your own limiting beliefs. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: When the economy changed, I had to change Helping schools raise money to support school activities through selling spirit stickers Getting into schools were challenging until we got into an education tradeshow Learning how to shift to a Franchise model helped The speed of the group is set by the speed of the le