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How to overcome intense negative emotions #061



Emotions are an incredibly powerful part of our humanity. They can move you to phenomenal heights of achievement or draw you into self-destructive behaviors. What if you could turn those negative emotions around? So many people simply yield to these fear-filled compulsions by default… when they don’t have to. You can, instead, use proven, intentional techniques to redirect your focus and mindset. On this show I discuss my own vulnerability and how you are not alone in your struggle. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: Our cruise with Regent Cruise Lines Why you’re not alone in your struggle Facing your own fears and insecurities The stress of the entrepreneur Becoming intentional grow, self-care Three ways to overcome negative emotions Action, Focus, & Speech Motion influences emotion Overcoming imposter syndrome Feeling is healing Master your emotions and more! Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode: https://www.rssc.com/ (Regent Cruise Lines) Podcast with h