Are you facing difficulty right now? Challenges in your relationships, marriage or parenting? Maybe your management or leadership? Or maybe, it’s not even having a job at all? Every one of us have seasons in life where circumstance seem too hard; the voices get too loud; and the self-doubt feels paralyzing… these are the times where you perceive that the thing you’re facing is bigger than you. This is your giant. In this episode, I candidly share with you what I’ve faced and how I’ve overcome… and continue to battle when necessary. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: What will you choose to do in influencing your tomorrow… today? How I fell flat on my face trying to start at coaching business The trials of entrepreneurship The gift of T.O.D.A.Y. Why there’s always a giant to kill before you go to the next level Greatness is on the other side of inconvenience. In order to achieve anything, you must first overcome something. and more! Links and Resources Men