New Life Ministries Of Aiken

12/05/2020: The Power of Forgiveness Discussion Panel



Today, we have a panel of courageous people who are going to share  their amazing transformations with us and how the power of forgiveness  freed them from self-bondage. First, I want to dedicate this show to a woman who selflessly shared  her story with me and it convicted me so to the point where it changed  the trajectory of my life.  Her name is Sis Josephine Prescott.  In  short, her abuser was her husband and an event with gunshots left her a  quadriplegic for over 30 years of her life.  In short, she lived her  life for God and with no excuses.  She founded a foundation for domestic  abuse, she finished a college degree, she was a home owner, she was an  avid speaker for domestic abuse...all while being paralyzed from neck  down.  She forgave her ex-husband, she shared that story with me, and  that story convicted me and changed my life.  Because she paid it  forward, I live to do the same. We have Valerie Champio