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Polytechnicast - UX Mindset - Mental Model You're Working Toward #artsoundoff



It's useful to have even a rough concept of what you're working toward, things you know are important or likely to encounter, or at least are worth checking to see if they'd be helpful. For example, a mental model like a creative progression going from rough concept to refined to complete. You can have a UX Mindset informed mental model of getting your work done so that you are working toward including your audience. And the UX Mindset series continues! Related Links and Resources Introduction to the UX Mindset Series UX Mindset for Business UX Mindset for Software Engineering UX Mindset for Designers UX Mindset for Artists UX Mindset - Lists UX Mindset - Listening UX Mindset - Groups of People Interconnected A Whack on the Side of the Head by Roger von Oech | Grand Central Publishing Creative challenge I'm taking part in and co-foun