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Polytechnicast - UX Mindset - Misunderstanding and Misuse of UX's Power #artsoundoff



Where does UX go wrong? Whether a system is broken at the surface or takes deeper understanding to see how it's not serving the health of its audience along with it's other constituencies: UX can be used to help fix or to make things worse. How can that be? Organizations have a lot to do to just exist and maintain exsistence. Some are not questioning things they could question to fix what's broken. Let's pay attention, be curious, inclusive and move what we make toward collective health. And the UX Mindset series continues! Related Links and Resources Introduction to the UX Mindset Series UX Mindset for Business UX Mindset for Software Engineering UX Mindset for Designers UX Mindset for Artists UX Mindset - Lists UX Mindset - Listening UX Mindset - Groups of People Interconnected UX Mindset - Mental Model You're Working Toward Creati