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Perfectionism and “All or Nothing” Thinking



Adult ADHD ADD Tips and Support Podcast - Perfectionism and "All or Nothing" Thinking. This podcast is an audio companion to the book "The Drummer and the Great Mountain - A Guidebook to Transforming Adult ADD / ADHD." In this episode, we'll discuss perfectionism and "all or nothing" thinking. What are they, how do we work with them, and how do we prevent them from stopping us before we've even started? Don't see a player? Click this link to download the MP3 file. If you have an Apple device (iPhone/iPad), you can download the podcast (and subscribe) for free at this link: Visit the podcast web page to listen to all 78 episodes: If you're enjoying the music on our podcast, be sure to visit Bahman's website to hear his entire catalog of albums! For more info, visit: