No Condom

Episode 1 - Dating App Etiquette feat. @lovebird_monroe



It's been a crazy year with major shifts so "The No Condom Podcast" is now a thing of the past. Welcome to the first episode of what is currently untitled, it'll be the same raw conversation as the previous podcast, with just a little more structure. Episode 1 features @lovebird_monroe as we dive into 'Dating App Etiquette." COVID has been an interesting time for the single folk in the world, so Tamika educates Rhys on how Men can execute and receive more engagement from women on these apps. Listen below and leave feedback by reaching out via the social links below! Follow our accounts for more updates! Instagram: NoCondomPodcast | @RhysDurrell Apple Podcast: No Condom Podcast Spotify: No Condom Podcast Untitled is meant to bring multiple people together for a raw, unfiltered conversation around topics many adults are afraid to speak on in public. Artwork by: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: