Conrad Rocks

Bad Theology Blocking God



We are not aware of our erroneous theology. When the Spirit of Truth guides us, we may be blocking Him by our preconceived bad theology. 1:34 Disciples couldn’t understand when Jesus spoke plainly; 2:42 Jesus says He will be killed and Resurrect Mark 9; 4:13 Elijah is supposed to come first; 7:58 Peter Rebukes Jesus ; 9:14 How I discovered this problem - eschatology; 11:14 Spirit of Truth guides us; 11:54 Paul had some erroneous theology before Jesus; 13:29 Jesus manifests Himself to the believer; 15:02 Building our house upon The Rock; 16:59 Thomas Dabney Tannehill comment; 17:22 Libby Tomlin Comments; 18:14 Jeremiah from Twitter comment; Links: Facebook Post - Twitter Post - Pagan Christianity - -