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Kindness of Sex; Guest Christel Crawford



The Play & Kindness of Sex -  Somewhere along the way we as a society decided that sex was super meaningful and significant and judgable.  So, when we're not making ourselves wrong for it, or not having it because we're judging ourselves or we've eliminated it from our worlds, we have it and wake up the next morning feeling terrible.  What if there was another possibility? Join Laurie and Christel as laugh and carry on about the kindness, not the un--,  of sex. Christel Crawford is an author and transformation creator.  She travels all over the world and facilitates online programs &  classes on life-change, different possibilities for money flows, body change and business expansion. She has been featured on radio shows & podcasts, and is the author of several upcoming books. In 2013, after two marriages, an epic low, and a fight back, the universe gifted her Access Consciousness.  Access gave her the tools to transform her emotional landscape and empowered her to start her own life transformation business wh