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Being You – The Most Valuable Product



I was on Facebook the other day and someone posted "What if one day we lived in a world where being you was the most valuable product?"   Now I am sure it was Megan Hill who said this in a class she facilitated, and my words may not be exactly correct, but hopefully you will get the energy of what I got from the post I read. I got so excited about this concept and thought 'Yup this will be my next radio show topic!'  How does it get any better than that?!? What if BEING YOU were the most valuable product?  Not money, not cars, not if you were in relationship or not, YOU, yes BEING YOU was the gift beyond words for the world to treasure and enjoy...... Join me as we explore the gift BEING YOU is!  I can hardly wait! www.laurielaursen.com ~ lovelylaurie17@gmail.com