What Else With Laurie Laursen

Gifts dressed Up like Poo!!



OMG!  The tub broke!  #truestory  If you knew how much I love baths you would know this is a very bad thing in my world!! ha ha The bathroom reno guy is not getting back to us!  It's 8 weeks now and WTF?!?! This really happened recently and what felt an incredibly shitty experience came with gifts all over the place! Want to know more? Join me as we look at how these crazy things in life can be poo covered gifts, where you just have to take the time to see what's really going on.  How did I get to this place to even see the gift?  That is where the fun begins!  Come and join me as we go places both uncomfortable and super cool and how to create a different perspective and possibility for yourself too! www.laurielaursen.com ~ lovelylaurie17@gmail.com