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Is It Possible to Stop Caring? with Laurie Laursen



When people around you have disappointed you or hurt you in some way, you just want to scream, cry, and run away from them.  Then put up walls and barriers to never let that happen again.  And then you find the solution... Yep... You just won't care for them ever again and that will protect you from getting hurt.   Does this sound familiar to you?  I know it is so much so for me, a million times so! I have learned that there is actually something else possible.  Join me as I share what I have discovered with stories and tools on changing the crazy in all of this.  Yup you can let down that Great Wall of China fortress surrounding you and allow in ease, joy and kindness..... I look forward to you coming to play! www.laurielaursen.com ~ lovelylaurie17@gmail.com ~ https://soundcloud.com/laurielaursen