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Polytechnicast - 4 Weeks Instead of 4 Days to Refine the Game Guitar Fretter



Guitar Fretter is 10 years old and I still have more ideas to add and refine. Some of those ideas I'm putting into a new game, some I'm putting into the classic version of Guitar Fretter. Recently I thought I'd make a quick art update and I expected to be ready to publish in about 4 days. Did things get out of hand where it took 4 weeks instead? Analyzing the list of what to improve and testing along the way, it felt it best to make more improvements. This episode of the Polytechnicast journals my thought process and highlights what happened as I worked on the latest udpate. Also: a brief overview of what is Guitar Fretter. Related Links and Resources Get Guitar Fretter, an action puzzle that makes a game of memorizing the note positions on a guitar. Available on iOS, Android, Windows 10, and MacOS! Features 4 or 5 string bass, 6 or