Creative Church Podcast

Do Small Churches NEED A Website?



So I've been thinking about this one question that I can't seem to get out of my head.  Do small churches need a website?  Now, I know that may seem like a dumb question, but when you look at websites from churches under 200 people in average attendance, how effective are their websites?  Do they have good design, mobile functionality, or even any content on it?  Or is it a static graveyard for events and announcements that could more simply be put in an email or on a Facebook page? Now I won't keep you in suspense with my answer to this question, Do small churches need a website?  Yes, 100% yes!  But for those churches to have effective websites, I think we need to start changing our understanding of what our church website is for. To me, church websites are a "First Look" into who you are and what you are for.  People will look at your church website and decide within just a few minutes whether or not they will even check out your Sunday service.  So we need to make w