Claircast - English Episode

E Claircast # 01 - Healer Martin Brofman



Interview Martin BrofmanEnglish episode of Claircast. I am interviewing American healer Martin Brofman. Many years ago, when Martin made his living designing computer systems on Wall Street he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and only a few months left in which to live. This changed his life. He created the very succesful Body Mirror System and he has trained over 60.000 people in this, as well as held numerous other seminars, including one on improving one's sight. He is the author of several books and has produced a number of CD's for self-healing and meditation. We touch on a number of issues such as "Do we create our own illness?" "Are there special characteristics in our attitudes and beliefs that contribute to this?" "Does all illness begin in consciousness?" "Can anything and anyone be healed?" "What about a bad marriage?" "Can a person toss away his or her glasses after just a two-day seminar?" and more. It was exciting for me to hear Martin's answers to these and other questions and listen to him t