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E Claircast # 04 - Apache indian Art Reade # 2



Interview Art Reade # 2English episode of Claircast. Another great interview, and more about how to become a spiritual person, with Apache indian Art Reade, who since the early 80's has held seminars in Europe for thousands of people. Art Reade was born in Arizona, USA in the mountains east of Phoenix. During his pre-school years he was raised by his indian grandmother who taught him to use his intuition, respect all living things and to see the world as a connected whole. He became a school teacher and athletic coach, ultimately training Olympic-level runners at a university in California.Art is an exciting man with lots of charisma, a warm sense of humor and a big heart. I met him for the first time in Copenhagen in 1985 where I attended one of his courses, called "Clearing I". There were over 100 participants that weekend and in Germany there are often more than 200 people on a course with long waiting lists. Since then, I have attended all of Art's courses: "Clearing II", "Abundance", "Journey", "Spiritua