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101: Why You Should Focus on Partner Delivery w/ Winnie Zeliger



It’s no secret successful partner delivery is a vital part of any thriving ecosystem.   So, it’s imperative to make sure your partners are trained and capable to deliver quality total solutions to your joint customers.   And when your company derives 90% of your business from partners, partner delivery is your lifeblood.    Our guest today is Winnie Zeliger, Partner Delivery Executive at Cisco, where the 90% figure holds true. So, of course, Cisco is absolutely devoted to partner success and has established multiple partner-facing teams.   There are teams dedicated to supporting partners with selling, but Winnie and her team are entirely dedicated to serving partners on the delivery side of the equation.   And they’ve seen outstanding results.    In this episode, Winnie shares: - Why success is built upon the success of your partners - Why partner delivery deserves your full attention - Why listening to, and encouraging, partner feedback is the key to winning partner programs   To contact the host, Chip Rodge