Alliance Aces

103: Better Alignment through Partner Engagement w/ Preseetha Pettigrew



The best alliances rest on a foundation of successful alignment, but building it can be difficult if you spread yourself too thin.   So, freeing up resources by concentrating on fewer, higher-impact partnerships can be a rewarding strategy.    And having a framework for the full lifecycle of customer engagement keeps you on track, aligned, and able to scale.   My guest today is Preseetha Pettigrew, Global VP Strategic Alliances at Seismic, where she has done tremendous work incorporating these elements into an incredibly successful alliance program.   Preseetha explains exactly how she was able to do more with less in Seismic’s alliance program and drive the company’s incredible international growth.   She goes over: - How to get the ingredients right in a partnership before scaling - Why it pays to keep an eye on partner engagement every step of the way - How to balance solid structures with the need for flexibility   To contact the host, Chip Rodgers, with topic ideas, suggest a guest, or join the conversa