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April 19, 2020 | On GPS: The U.S.-China blame game; what we can learn from Austria as it starts to reopen; Madeleine Albright on leading in crises



Airdate April 19 2020: Is Donald Trump right to point the finger at China for the spread of Covid-19? Is Xi right to point back? Former diplomat Kishore Mahbubani and former Trump deputy National Security Adviser Nadia Schadlow debate China's role, its rise in the geopolitical order, and the need for global collaboration. Then, Austria is among the first nations reopening its economy. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz tells Fareed in an exclusive interview what the world can learn from Vienna. Then, many countries hailed for handling the crisis well share a common element: they are led by women. What explains this trend? Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright explains what makes a great leader in these trying times. GUESTS: Kishore Mahbubani, Nadia Schadlow, Sebastian Kurz, Madeleine Albright via Knit