Alliance Aces

95: How to Maintain a Thriving Ecosystem in the Face of Change w/ Holly Whalen



As in life, the only constant in managing ecosystems is change.   A company’s needs change as it grows and matures. Market patterns shift and evolve.   A successful ecosystem is one that adapts in the face of rapid change. And while adaptation can mean different things to different organizations, it’s something every ecosystem will reckon with at some point.   Holly Whalen is director of the Global Strategic Partner Program at UIPath, which has experienced a period of tremendous growth in the past few years.    Holly joined us on the #EcosystemAces Podcast and shared insights learned from her experience managing an alliance ecosystem through this growth in a constantly shifting market landscape.    She went over:   - Why in alliance ecosystems, sometimes less is more   - How adaptation is easier with the right alignment   - Why managing ecosystems demands a wide range of talents